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The three words that are appearing all over the world

“We’re in the clearing behind the tall tree,” he said. There were hundreds of trees. 

“Which tree?”

“The grey one.”


Google Maps only goes so far. For the times when you can’t follow a dropped pin, there are three words. 


An experienced caver was exploring in a remote part of Yass Valley when he was trapped 20 meters down a vertical cave entrance, Yahoo News reported. 


But by sharing the words inkwell, breezy, swats via app what3words, his location was made known to emergency services and he was rescued. 



The app has broken the world into 3x3 metre squares and given each square its own unique identifier made up of three randomly generated words. 


So let’s imagine you’re driving down a highway in the middle of Colorado or Alice Springs or Germany  and you run out of petrol, rather than saying you’re about 20km from the last exit, you can give your exact location to the tow truck.


It’s also great if you’re meeting someone for a picnic and their directions are “we’re behind the tall tree.”


But a word of warning: we lost time after downloading this app looking at all the weird combinations of words for all the places we know. It’s like when Google Earth first came out. 


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Published: 14 March 2022

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