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The world’s first surf roller coaster is heading to SeaWorld

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment in the US has just announced that new first-of-their-kind coasters will open in each of its parks in 2023.


"Pipeline: The Surf Coaster" will head to SeaWorld Orlando next year. Riders will hop onboard a unique surfboard ride vehicle which features seats which rise and fall to mimic the sensation of riding on a wave. 



They can hang loose on a massive wave while in a standing position as the coaster travels through several gnarly twists and turns with five airtime movements and an innovative 'wave curl' inversion and maximum speed of 60 MPH.


At SeaWorld San Diego, riders of the new "Arctic Rescue", will go on a chilly adventure as they race through the unpredictable arctic climate to help animals in danger.



From inside of the Wild Arctic exhibit riders are launched outside straddling a unique snowmobile-style vehicle. The straddle snowmobile-style seats allow for an immersive ride experience for each rider as they lean into banks and turns and glide up heights as tall as 30 feet along the 2,800 feet of track.


Meanwhile SeaWorld San Antonio's "Catapult Falls" will feature the world's steepest flume drop, North America's only vertical lift flume coaster, and the tallest flume drop in Texas.



This family friendly and first-of-its-kind ride will catapult through the launch at speeds of 30 feet per second, allowing riders to feel the rush of a coaster while experiencing the rocking and swaying of riding on a track of water.  Once at the peak of the ride, guests will experience the world's steepest drop in a flume attraction. Angled at a staggering 53 degrees, the chute plummets riders into a watery splashdown at over 37 miles per hour.  After winding through a series of twists and turns, "Catapult Falls" uses a state-of-the-art elevator, the only one on the continent in an attraction of this kind, to lift guests up seven feet per second to reach a height of over 55 feet. The breathtaking views don't last long as the ride prepares guests for the ultimate plunge.


Images courtesy of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.



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Published: 19 October 2022

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