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The world’s most overrated cities for tourists have been named

Data analysts have crunched the numbers for 2023, based on TripAdvisor reviews.

Bangkok has been voted the world's most overrated tourist destination.

Bangkok has been revealed as the world’s most overrated city for tourists, according to a new ranking publishing using online reviews posted on TripAdvisor.

According to a list of the most popular Western tourist destinations compiled by UK-based gambling website KingCasinoBonus, there’s a 16.6% chance the Thailand capital will leave you feeling underwhelmed and unimpressed on your travels.

In particular, Khaosan Road was identified as Bangkok’s most disappointing attraction, with reviewers also savaging the Khao San Road backpacking district, many labelling it as only suitable if you’re “very young and looking for a party”.

Reviewers even turned their collective noses up at the city’s famed street food scene, describing the quality as cheap but poor in quality in the hands of non-locals.

Singapore was also poorly received by TripAdvisor's reviewers.

The results were compiled using a list of 85 popular tourist destinations from Euromonitor and Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index, with TripAdvisor ratings and reviews assessed from each.

The 20 most reviewed attractions from each of the 85 cities were canvassed and ranked based on TripAdvisor’s highly subjective star ratings of 3, 2 and 1, with keywords such as ‘disappointing’ and ‘not as nice’ also factored.

The study makes sure to point out reviews are based almost entirely on an individual experience, not as a general assessment.

Singapore ranked in third place, with Orchard Road failing the pub test among reviewers, who described it as “a great place to work but not a great city for anything fun and exciting”. The Lion City was given a disappointment score of 15.8%.

Reviewers were also unimpressed at London, labelling old buildings as 'so yesterday'.

Further afield, London came in eighth place with a 13.8% disappointment score, with reviewers scathing of the London Eye as the city’s most yawn-worthy attraction. Buckingham Palace and Big Ben also performed poorly in the eyes of TripAdvisor’s self-appointed judges.

“It's time to look for new must-see places in London, as the old attractions no longer excite tourists,” the report stated.

“Street food, concerts, nightlife, and art may be more interesting than old buildings and monarch sightings by future generations.”

Also featuring in the list was Antalya in second (16.5% disappointment score), Munich in fourth (15.7%), Miami, Florida (13.9%), Mumbai (13.9%) and Paris (13.8%).

Rounding out the list was Tokyo, with the heart-warming Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station’s street crossing and its associated story failing to melt the icy hearts of TripAdvisor’s reviewers.

Conversely, the report also provides the three least overrated cities garnering the best reviews, with Naples, Washington D.C. and Liverpool in England all getting the thumbs-up.


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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 25 January 2023

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