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The worst travel mistakes people make

Locked down whether in our neighbourhoods, states or country, most of us are longing to travel. But we haven’t done it in a while. Here are some of the worst travel mistakes we’ve found, shared here so they don’t happen to you. 


The night before my first big solo trip overseas, Mum regaled me with tales of her own travels in the 70s. Hers were stories of blind trust in strangers, awkward situations and near misses.


“Why would you go to a strange man’s house in Amsterdam?” I asked.


“I broke my suitcase and he offered to fix it for me,” she responded.  This is the same woman who taught me to glance in windows to check no one was following me as I walked the streets of Sydney…


From my mother-in-law somehow losing her passport between check in and her flight at Heathrow, to my leaving my phone/camera at home before three weeks in the States where I was front row at a Janelle Monae show, we’ve all got our stories to tell.



When asked what their biggest travel mistakes were, posters to reddit shared tales of buying cheap tickets from third party vendors and then wondering what went wrong (use a travel agent people).


Another big mistake was not realising their passports were expired or due to expire, and only finding out at the airport. To be fair after the biggest travel hiatus ever (I travelled more as a three-year-old), I have no idea where my  passport is.


Don’t base your travel time and distances on Google Maps alone, warned one burned poster who found out the hard way that Canadians roads are not Thailand roads. 


So many people complained about missing out on important attractions and events because they needed to book ahead. 


One person shared their drama at Charles de Gaulle with only 90 minutes between flights, 200 people in front of them and only one agent, while another had a similar experience with more time but more people in LAX.


Another person missed out on a frequent flyer point payday on a round the world trip.


How do you avoid all these and more? Book with an accredited travel agent. Someone who will help you with navigating the new COVID-19 restrictions, remind you to get insurance and check you passport and get you the best value trip.


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Published: 20 September 2021

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