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There’s nothing sexier than travel: study

What are our turn-ons and turn-offs?

Forget adventure sports; Australia’s sexiest hobby is travelling. According to a study of data provided by 75,000 members of dating site EliteSingles, the more refined activities of travel, fine dining, reading and even gardening beat out hobbies traditionally seen as exciting like hiking, climbing, sailing and adventure sports, none of which are among the top ten sexiest pursuits.


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Proving its pulling power, travel was found to be the most attractive hobby for both men and women.


At the other end of the scale, rugby, racquet sports and equestrian sports were found to hold the least appeal among Aussies.



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The ten sexiest hobbies:

1.       Travelling

2.       Fine Dining

3.       Cinema

4.       Music

5.       Health and fitness

6.       Reading

7.       Photography

8.       Gardening

9.       Theatre

10.    Arts & Crafts


Which hobbies turn you on, or off?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 15 June 2015

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