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This 12-year-old should consider a career as a travel agent


Sleepless in Seattle came out when I was 12. And because I was 12, the things that really stood out from the rest was that it rained a lot in Seattle and how ridiculous a plot point it was that Tom Hanks’ eight-year-old son was able to fly from Seattle to New York without his dad’s knowledge. 


“If it’s in the computer, they’ll believe anything,” his co-conspirator, the daughter of travel agents said. She also was savvy enough to advise, “I’d rather die than eat airplane food.”


As someone who’d travelled internationally and domestically annually since birth I questioned how a child could slip through so many checks. I comforted myself by concluding that it must be an American thing.


But it seems Australia has caught up. 12-year-old Drew (not his real name), managed to fly from Australia’s east coast to Perth and then onto Denpasar and even checked into the All Seasons while his parents had simply thought he’d gone to school.


Drew had gotten into a pretty heated argument with his mum, and rather than slam the door to his bedroom, he decided to go to Bali. On his own. 


All it took was borrowing the family credit cards, tricking his nan into giving him his passport and  booking his flights and accommodation, Nine News reported.


Telling his parents he was off to school, Drew instead caught the train to the airport, checked in through self-service counters and he was through. 


His only regret seemingly that he hadn’t booked a non-stop flight to Bali, instead of having to stopover in Perth.


“I sort of stuffed up because I got the deal cheap,” he admitted.


Once in Bali, he jumped on a Go Jek bike and checked himself into the All Seasons, telling staff his sister was coming later.


In the meantime his parents had reported him missing when they realised he hadn’t turned up to school and his poor mum had to fly to Bali to pick him up. 


And while I’m sure Drew is in for a little bit of punishment, I do think he should maybe be put in charge of organising the family’s holidays...


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 23 April 2018

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