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This is the biggest fear we have when travelling…

Forget terrorism, food poisoning or even crime; the thing travellers fear more than anything else when travelling abroad is the language barrier, a new report has found.


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According to the report, which polled more than 20,500 international holidaymakers, travellers admitted to feeling held back by a lack of communication most, followed by not finding the right accommodation.


More than three in ten (32%) respondents in the study identified these particular fears, with examples including getting lost or ordering the wrong dish in a local restaurant. The next biggest fear was a feeling of anxiousness about unfamiliar situations when travelling.


As well as identifying travellers’ fears, the survey revealed that two in three (63%) travellers don’t believe they’re making the most of their vacation and ‘waste’ their holiday. Additionally, one in five (20%) of travellers said they had never felt “limitless”.


Among Australians, two in three (67%) Aussie travellers polled revealed they are not adventurous enough on holiday, despite three quarters showing a strong desire to push the boundaries while travelling.


The main factors that would help travellers overcome their anxieties and become limitless travellers are:  

- Great accommodation options (37%)

- Positive reviews from other travellers (35%)

- Being able to ask questions and directions in the local language (26% and 23%)

- Being able to order their favourite food (22%)


When asked what they wanted out of their limitless travel: 

- Almost two thirds (62%) of people want to experience new cultures

- Over half (51%) want to taste local delicacies

- Over a third (39%) are keen to experience staying somewhere new

- A third (33%) want to embrace meeting new people whilst travelling


What are your greatest fears when travelling? Or what, if anything, is holding you back?  


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 11 May 2018

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