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Three out of five long-distance relationships last

Long-distance love survey good news for Aussie Bachelorette

They met on a flight, joking about the divider between their seats. A few champagnes later and she leaned in for a kiss. 



This is the story of how TV host and ex-Bachelorette Sophie Monk met her new man. And even though their romance is only a month old, according to Monk, it’s going well.


Except for the fact that, aside from their time together on the plane, they’ve been in separate countries. The unnamed man it turns out, while Australian, lives in the States and Monk has been splitting her time between Australia and Europe, News Corp reported.


“We talk everyday on the phone for like five hours. It’s really good but I’ve only seen him once,” Monk said.


Think Monk is more doomed now than when she was the Aussie Bachelorette? Turns out she may just have a fighting chance with this one, after a recent study found that three in five Australian survey respondents are still with their long-distance love.


Conducted by travel search engine,, the survey aimed to uncover insights into Aussies and their long-distance romances.


The study, which looked at the susceptibility of Aussies falling in love whilst abroad, revealed that a quarter of Australians (25%) have had a partner that lived abroad, with well over half (59%) stating that they are still together. 


At the moment, Monk is savouring the long-distance relationship, claiming that with both of their busy travel schedules, it works for them.


“He’s everywhere … we could always meet up, but it’s perfect for me. It just works because I’m never home either. You don’t want someone who’s always waiting around for you and you feel bad,” she said.


KAYAK conducted the survey in time for today’s launch of KAYAK Rendezvous, a new tool that helps two lovers/ friends/ family members find a cost-effective, meet-in-the-middle destination, where they can rekindle all those warm fuzzy feelings in an exciting new place.


“Finding common ground is the basis for any solid and long-lasting relationship, and it’s particularly important when couples are divided by thousands of kilometres,” Robin Chiang, KAYAK’s Regional Director of APAC said. 


“After realising that one-fifth of Australians ended their long-distance relationships due to distance constraints, we decided to create KAYAK Rendezvous as a fun, practical way to bring people together from wherever they are in the world.“


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 19 September 2018

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