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Top tips when travelling with pets

With a pet ownership boom over Covid according to the Pets and Pandemic report by Animal Medicines Australia, there’s an estimated 30.4 million pets across the country, with 19% of all pet dogs and 24% of all pets cats obtained during the pandemic. As a result of this, there’s many first-time pet owners wanting to travel with their new four-legged additions over the holiday season.



RSPCA NSW Senior Manager of Outreach Programs, Dr Ann-Margret Withers, has put together the ultimate travelling with pets guide to keep your furry companions comfortable and safe during a family road trip.


Top tips when travelling with pets

  • Do a test drive pre-road trip so you can test how your pet will react in the car
  • If your pet gets car sick, go to your vet for a consult for medication
  • Ensure your pet is buckled up and wearing a harness in the car
  • Break up the road trip into smaller chunks to ease your pet in and to allow time for your pet to adjust
  • Allow for toilet breaks in between and ensure your pet is on their lead so they don’t run off 
  • Take your pet’s food, bowl, lead and medication with you
  • Ensure you are staying in pet-friendly accommodation
  • Once arrived at your destination, ensure fencing surrounding the property is secure
  • Be aware of pet restrictions at your travel destination
  • Ensure you have your pet’s name on their collar in case your pet gets lost
  • Ensure tick prevention is up to date especially when travelling by the coast - ticks are more prone in coastal areas
  • Check for ticks seven days after returning from your trip


Tips when leaving your pets behind at home

  • Ideally organise a responsible and trusted pet sitter who can stay at your home with your pet while you’re away - if this isn’t possible, organise a pet sitter to check in and care for your pet’s needs daily
  • Leave behind a detailed list including emergency contacts, contact details for your vet, emergency protocols, food, medication and instructions


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Published: 20 December 2021

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