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Tourism Australia’s ‘recovery’ campaign: how to get involved

A new domestic campaign, called Holiday Here This Year, will kick-start a push by Tourism Australia to revitalise local travel in the wake of devastating bushfires. 



The new initiative aims to tap into the “overwhelming goodwill and support of businesses and communities across the country affected by bushfires by asking them to holiday in Australia”, according to Tourism Australia managing director Phillipa Harrison. 


“We have to get the word out at home and abroad that Australia is open for business,” she says in a video message announcing the campaign, which has been made possible with the help of the federal government’s new $76 million tourism boost.


Designed to be a “platform that everyone can use”, the initiative “also provides practical tools for the industry to use in your own marketing initiatives”. 


“As an industry, we’ve been through challenges like this before, we know what we have to do,” Ms Harrison says.


Tourism Australia will announce further recovery initiatives soon, including boosts to international marketing campaigns and increased support for this year’s Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE).




It has also created a dedicated page on that shares and promotes other initiatives such as Empty Esky, which involves filling an esky with local food, wine and other goods, in impacted communities. Find out more about those campaigns here.


Given domestic tourism accounts for 75% of the nation’s current visitor economy, the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) welcomed the new initiative. 


“We firmly believe this $20 million campaign and its direct, easy-to-understand call to action will be enthusiastically partnered and make an important impact in people’s minds that our many tourist locations and communities along the journey are again open for business," ATIC executive director Simon Westaway said.


To get involved in the Holiday Here This Year initiative:  

- Make the decision to holiday in Australia this year – and join other Aussies willing to help by clicking 'Going' on this Facebook Event.

- Post a pic or share a video telling everyone that you're off to discover Australia and #HolidayHereThisYear.

- Take your trip, buy from the bush, fill your suitcase with local souvenirs and share those memories to #HolidayHereThisYear.



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 24 January 2020

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