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Tourists flocking to climb Uluru before ban

Man has cardiac arrest on climb

With only a few months to go before a ban is placed on climbing Uluru, tourists are flocking to the famous rock to scale the monolith. 


The controversial ban on climbing the rock comes into effect on 26 October, but demand in climbing the rock has arguably never been higher. 



Lindy Severin, owner of Curtin Springs roadhouse 100kms east of Uluru, said it was receiving hundreds of calls a day from tourists looking for a last-minute ascent. 


"The official terminology we're using at home is 'it's just going to be batshit crazy'," she told the ABC.


"At this point we're fitting people into the campgrounds and into accommodation, but it's getting very close to the point that we don't have anything left from the middle of June onwards. 


“We're fielding hundreds of phone calls a day from people going, 'we're just beginning to think about it and this is what we need,' and we're going, 'we're sorry, but that's been booked for 12 months'."


According to Ms Severin, the only reason they’re coming “is to give their children an opportunity to do things they believe they should be able to do, and as the parents of the family maybe did when they were younger".


Meanwhile, a 64-year-old Australian man suffered a cardiac arrest whilst climbing Uluru with his tour group. 


About halfway up the rock when it happened, the man was saved by two off-duty police officers and a couple of Tasmanian-based paramedics.


Have you climbed Uluru? What do you think of the upcoming ban?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 29 May 2019

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