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Trafalgar creates world-first travel fragrance

Continuing their legacy of innovative thinking and immersive travel experiences, Trafalgar has developed the world’s first travel fragrance in partnership with leading French perfumery, Fragonard. Celebrating the love affair between travel memories and scent, 'La Belle Vie’ launches on Valentine’s Day 2019.



Named after Trafalgar’s brand philosophy, ‘La Belle Vie’ reconnects guests to ‘The Good Life’, long after their travels are finished. "When one travels, all five of our senses are used, but for me, the sense that stands out the most is smell,” says Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar’s CEO. “It instantly transports us back to moments in time, connects us to places and reignites special memories. Trafalgar wanted to celebrate this core connection.”


A harmonious blend of delicate white petals and a hint of white grapefruit zest, the fragrance for both men and women is available exclusively for Trafalgar guests travelling through France, on itineraries visiting Paris, Eze and Grasse. For guests travelling on Trafalgar’s Paris Explorertrip, the brand offers an included insider experience at Fragonard’s Parisian Headquarters. 


An official Fragonard 'nose' will unlock the history and secrets of perfume, with guests being able to get hands-on during the experience, mixing-and-matching three components of the fragrance, to create their own version. By purchasing this exclusive fragrance, guests can continue to connect to The Good Life, long after their journey has ended.



When we met with Fragonard to talk about how we would further enrich our guests’ experiences, it quickly became obvious that by co- crafting La Belle Vie we would be able to offer a tangible way to unlock rich travel memories long after their travels were over.” says Gavin Tollman, CEO of Trafalgar.


Fragonard Parfumeur, established in Grasse on the French Riviera in 1926, has been a partner with Trafalgar for 40 years. Like Trafalgar, Fragonard is also a family-owned brand and a leader in their industry, passionate about innovation and preserving their legacy for future generations.


We’re proud to continue innovating our product, this time alongside our partner Fragonard, to offer Simply the Best experiences for Trafalgar guests, time and time again.” concludes Tollman. 


The winning agents of the “Why Do You Love Trafalgar?” Trafalgar Tribe Facebook competition will be receiving their own bottle of Fragonard’s La Belle Vie and a box of limited edition Krispy Kreme doughnuts via their local sales managers.



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Published: 13 February 2019

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