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Travel agents’ most booked destinations at Christmas

Where are our most popular long-haul destinations this holiday season?

Whether it’s to visit family and friends, experience Christmas in a different country, or just to take advantage of some lengthy time-off, the festive season is one of the most popular times of the year to travel long-haul. But which far-flung destinations are Australian travellers targeting most this Christmas? 


According to a new analysis by travel technology firm, Travelport, the United States, China and India are the most popular festive season destinations based on bookings through global distribution systems (GDS). 



While it’s safe to assume a good deal of travel to China, India and the UK (fourth on the list) would be for VFR (visiting friends and relatives), perhaps a truer reflection of the destinations we’re choosing as bona fide vacation spots can be found further down the list. 


Following Britain in the index are Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, while Hong Kong, The Philippines and Canada round out the top ten hottest spots.


Marking the third year in a row the US has been ranked the hottest long-haul destination, 23,679 advanced bookings were made in Australia through all GDSs for return flights to America between 21 December and 30 December 2018. 


Meanwhile, China and India were shown to be the fastest growing long-haul destinations in terms of volume (both up 5%).


“The constant appeal of the US to Australian travellers could attribute to its unique festive celebrations, grand shopping sales, distinctive weather conditions and abundant flight options,” Travelport Australia and NZ managing director Scott Barber said. 


“We are also excited to see the growing appeal of China and India to Australian travellers. 


“This is partly boosted by the opening of new flight routes connecting some emerging destinations in these countries. 


“The closer economic and cultural ties as well as travellers’ better understanding of their tourist attractions have also contributed to the growth.”  


Where have you seen a lot of interest for Christmas period travel this year?



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 21 December 2018

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