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Travel is helping travellers become home owners

Of all the things travel is often credited with in improving people’s lives - think increased confidence, better planning skills - one positive is rarely thought of: home-ownership. 


Yes, not only can travelling make us smarter, more independent and apparently sexier, it can also increase our chances of owning a house. 


According to a new survey by Hostelworld, more than half of Australian travellers (51%) end up becoming home-owners compared to just one in three (35%) non-travellers. There’s one way of tackling inflated real estate prices... 



In other benefits, travel was found to make three in five (60%) people feel more self-confident, while communication, adaptability and self-motivation skills grew in 59%, 56% and 51% of jetsetters respectively. 


In further proof that travel rocks, and makes us better humans overall, one in three (37% for women, 29% for men) of those polled said travelling helped them better handle their finances, while half (50%) said it helped them understand people from different backgrounds. 


Post-travel, Aussie travellers are more confident in going to social events on their own (+15% after vs before travelling) and talking to someone they don’t know (+14%). 


Respondents also noted increased levels of patience (in 58%), tolerance (55%) and resilience (49%). Meanwhile, on the job front, the report found that almost half (45%) of travellers got a job in less than a month after a trip, and two-thirds (64 percent) were employed within two months.


"Landscapes and sandy beaches are one thing, but I’ve learnt that half of the richness in travelling is the people you meet. But this can only be grasped if you put yourself out there and start conversations, especially in “social hubs” such as bars and hostels that foster such encounters,” Hostelworld Chief Product Officer Breffni Horgan said.


“Eventually, they help us in building our confidence and making choices that are more aligned with what we really seek for our lives. 


“It’s great to see Australians returning home with a better understanding of how to manage the demands and challenges of life effectively, helping to set themselves up for success for whatever’s next.” 


Conducted in August 2018, the Hostelworld survey polled 1,000 Australians.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 14 September 2018

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