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TravelCard vows to 'revolutionise' travel insurance

Are you ready for a revolution?

There’s a dynamic new player in the multi-million dollar travel insurance market – and they’ve just launched in Australia.


Traveltalk was invited along as TravelCard unveiled their plans at a function in Sydney, attended by industry VIP’s and TV personality Catriona Rowntree, who has signed on as the company’s ambassador Down Under.


TravelCard Head of Marketing Tony Saunders


“We are all about revolutionising the travel insurance marketplace here in Australia,” said Michael Tauber, CEO of TravelCard Australia.


A recent survey of 1,000 Aussie travellers showed that 82 per cent had an issue claiming on their travel insurance. These issues included too much paperwork, only partial re-imbursement, or claiming was simply a long and painful process.


“Just under three quarters of Aussies when they are looking for travel insurance want to find a company that makes the process of making a claim painless, simple and easy, which brings us to TravelCard,” added Mr Tauber.


TravelCard offers three simple steps to make claiming easier, including a pre-paid Mastercard that can have funds available within minutes.


“No out of pocket expenses, no paperwork, no excess payments. If you’ve got a migraine in Miami, within minutes the money is going to be there on your card by the time you’ve seen the doctor and you’re checking out at reception.


“We trust you and we believe in you. This is literally the first real-time travel insurance. Nobody in this market is doing this at the moment. You have your card, we have your back. On an everyday level, we make a difference in people’s lives.”


The company already has one million customers worldwide, having previously launched in Germany, Canada and the UK. TravelCard staff were first on the ground in Nepal during the 2015 disaster and are currently in Bali helping out following the recent earthquake.


“Having your holiday ruined by an unforeseen incident is bad enough, let alone the added hassle of claiming on your policy,” said Ms Rowntree.


“That’s why I’m a fan of TravelCard, it offers travellers access to immediate funds, in real time, to purchase necessary emergency items. Travellers simply use the TravelCard to withdraw cash at any ATM, taking the stress out of holiday mishaps - no matter how big or small.”


Written by: Jon Underwood
Published: 9 August 2018

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