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TripAdvisor launches innovative new flights search product

Fliers promised unprecedented information on airfare search results

Ever wanted insight into an airline and images of airplanes at the same time as searching for the best airfares?


With the launch of its redesigned Flight Search product, TripAdvisor is offering just that, combining comprehensive in-flight insights, amenities information and candid traveller photos with the ability to scan for the lowest prices on flights.  


Available on TripAdvisor Flights across 31 countries and in 17 languages, the ambitious new product will provide fliers with details on carriers’ wifi, power ports and inflight entertainment options, while offering advice on available legroom and baggage allowances.


The world’s largest travel site will also offer thousands of informal traveller photos from SeatGuru of airline seats and cabins and seat maps.


“The in-flight experience can vary dramatically from one itinerary to the next, from cramped leg room and no seatback video on one plane to spacious seats and Wi-Fi access on another – and despite the vast differences – those flights might actually have the same fare,” TripAdvisor Flights general manager Bryan Saltzburg said.


“The new TripAdvisor Flights experience provides transparency into the complete in-flight experience to enable flyers to make the best booking decision and arrive at their destination with a smile.”


TripAdvisor will continue to offer a Fees Estimator, which calculates the cost of baggage and amenities into its live display.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 5 February 2014

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