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Trump most popular travel partner (seriously): poll

Or did those polled have an ulterior motive?

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a polarising figure, and someone not short of some pretty ill-conceived rhetoric; but apparently he would make for a popular travel companion, a survey has revealed.


Image John Devlin


According to the Travelzoo study, the business mogul outpolled fellow presidential hopefuls, including Hillary Clinton and current vice president Joe Biden, in a poll that asked respondents who they would most like to sit next to on a plane and take a road trip with, among others questions.


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When asked which presidential candidate they’d most like to sit next to on a flight, 25% of respondents chose Trump, compared to 24% for Clinton, 12% for Joe Biden and 10% for Republican Bernie Sanders.


Trump was also named the most popular road trip companion (23%), followed by Biden and Clinton (both 19%). Jeb Bush scored a lowly 9% here.


When asked with whom they would like to travel through Europe, Trump won out again (34%), beating Clinton (29%) and Biden (11%), while the hotel group owner also proved the most popular dinner companion (26%).


However, Trump was also the candidate travellers would least like to sit next to on a plane (34%), which begs the question: do those who say they’d like to mingle with Trump actually want to talk to him or use it as an opportunity to tear him a new one?


Find the full poll results here.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 14 August 2015

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