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Ultimate Safaris just solved the baggage crisis

Ultimate Safaris has just introduced a solution to the problem of lost luggage. 


Their brand-new ‘while you are waiting for your luggage’ kit is for guests who have reached the picturesque Namibian environment, but their luggage, sadly, has not. 



Included in the ‘while you are waiting for your luggage’ kit: 

·         Peak cap 

·         Namibia t-shirt 

·         Biodegradable toothbrush & toothpaste 

·         Roll-on deodorant 

·         Biodegradable comb 

·         A pair of new and freshly laundered underwear and socks in sealed packaging 

·         Female sanitary products 


“Losing your luggage can be an exceptionally frustrating way to begin a holiday, particularly when the unfortunate situation is out of the control of our guests,” Ultimate Safaris Managing Director Tristan Cowley said. 


“To combat this issue, our Journey Enrichment Department work quickly to track down missing luggage whilst we provide our ‘while you are waiting for your luggage’ kit so guests can begin their life enriching adventure with us as soon as possible. 


“So far, our guests have responded exceptionally well with many stating that it is the perfect collection of items to tide them over until their cases arrive.”


Ultimate Safaris is renowned for its commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability and its emergency luggage kit is no exception. The materials used to make the products have been carefully chosen to minimise environmental disruption with the toothbrush and comb being biodegradable. The peak cap and t-shirt have been created using sustainably sourced cotton and the deodorant is a roll-on to minimise the use of aerosols which are known to contribute to air pollution and, on a grander scale, climate change. 


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Published: 21 October 2022

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