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WebBeds to act on pricing discrepancies with new Parity Monitor

The new tool is the first phase of a program designed to reduce rate parity complaints to zero.

Parity Monitor will work to ensure travel agents using WebBeds can always access competitive prices.

Trade accommodation marketplace WebBeds has launched a new system designed to ensure travel agents are not being unfairly undercut on price by consumer-facing online travel platforms.

The Webjet trade platform has unveiled 'Parity Monitor' to speed up resolutions for hotel partners who spot examples of their properties being undercut on price beyond contracted rates normally available to travel agents.

Parity Monitor was unveiled this past weekend at ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show, often used to unveil new ideas and innovations to benefit the industry.

The tool for hotel partners is the first phase of a major initiative within the company to improve the speed of resolving parity issues flagged by hotel operators.

“WebBeds is very aware of the frustrations that our hotel partners experience when there are rate parity discrepancies in market,” said WebBeds CEO, Daryl Lee.

“Hotels want rate parity to be strong and consistent, particularly given the strategic priorities within their business ecosystem. 

“This new tool is just the start of a program of work to develop automated technology solutions to proactively prevent, detect and resolve rate parity issues in real time.”

The Parity Monitor tool will initially serve as a global hub where hotels will submit parity discrepancies to WebBeds. It will also be the front end for the newly streamlined internal processes that will track, monitor, report back and quickly resolve rate discrepancies for hotel partners.

A simple dashboard will consolidate and display the status of any submissions, providing clarity and better management reporting for hotels. WebBeds has created a new centralised team dedicated to resolving parity issues raised via the Parity Monitor.

Future developments of the Parity Monitor will include incorporating technology solutions to prevent parity integrity issues occurring in the first place, proactive scanning of the market for rate discrepancies, automated identification and rectification of parity issues, enforcing minimum selling price and tracing opaque rates with buyers across all sales channels.


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Written by: Jon Underwood
Published: 5 March 2023

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