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“We’ll support the airlines that support us”, says Flight Centre’s Skroo Turner

With more and more airlines threatening to lower agent commissions, Flight Centre’s founder Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner says the company is not worried. 


“Some of the airlines have been pretty tough with margins and want to reduce commissions,” he admitted to media at Flight Centre’s 40th birthday celebrations last night. 


“But I don’t think we’re worried about whether commission goes down. We’ll get it back in other areas.”



“One thing that’ll be for sure is that in the end we’ll support the airlines that support us. 


“No one can expect to be supported in any business if you’re not fair and you don’t play the game with everyone. So we’re pretty adamant about that.


 “I think you’ll see over the next year or two, that the airlines we’re supporting will be very successful.”


Over the last two and a half years Flight Centre lost about $1.3 billion, and lost two thirds of its staff, thanks to the global travel pause. 


But Turner said that just over the last few months the company is operating at about 60% of our pre-COVID levels and have got about 11,000 people back, up from the 7,000.


“What a thing to go through from a great over-reaction of governments worldwide,” Turner said. 


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Published: 11 May 2022

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