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What are the world’s most cultural cities?

Sydney bests Melbourne in cultural index

Every city has culture. It’s everywhere. So where among the wide spectrum of the world’s metropolises are you likely to find the highest concentration of it, at least in conventional terms - that is, museums, galleries, theatres and the like? 


Based on these institutions, along with World Heritage and other historical sites, concert halls and cinemas, and public libraries, lifestyle website MyVoucherCodes ranked 35 cities based on their cultural offerings. 




And in its study, it found Paris to be the most ‘cultural’ city in the world, placing in the top three in every category.  


“A multicultural city which has attracted artists, writers and academics for centuries, the city sees millions of tourists each year visit its many museums and historic landmarks such as the Louvre, Notre-Dame and, of course, the Eiffel Tower,” it said of the City of Lights. 


Finishing just behind the French capital for culture was New York, which had the highest number of art galleries and historical sites, and London. 


Perhaps surprising to some (though likely not for those who have been there), Seoul finished in fourth place on the list, helped by its unmatched number of public libraries (1,077), while Japanese counterpart Tokyo placed fifth.


Moscow, Rome, Shenzhen, Los Angeles and Amsterdam rounded out the top ten most cultural destinations.  




Proving it’s more than just a pretty face (likely to the chagrin of its Victorian rival), Sydney was deemed the most cultural city in the Australasian region, placing 13th and just above the place most Aussies would consider its contemporary cultural heart, Melbourne (14th). 


Here’s the top 30 cities:


What cities do you think are worthy of place on the list?


To see all the top cultural cities around the world and their rankings, click here.


Published: 9 April 2019

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