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What do Aussies fear most on holiday?

The answers may shock you

Either we’re confident it won’t happen, or we don’t value our children as much as we say we do... It’s (probably) the former, but a new survey has revealed what Australians fear most when they travel and ‘losing someone from a family or group’ doesn’t even make it among the top five biggest concerns. 


So what do we most worry about? According to the survey, which was conducted by travel insurer InsureandGo, our biggest travel fear for 2019 is ‘getting sick’ (22% of respondents), which frightens us more than ‘losing belongings or a passport’ (20%), ‘having to come home unexpectedly’ (12%) and ‘running out of money’ (12%). 



Polling 1000 independent Aussie travellers, the survey found, rather surprisingly, that only one in 12 (8%) travellers fear ‘getting injured’ whilst away, while just one in 20 (5%) worry about ‘theft’ and one in 25 (4%) ‘getting assaulted’.  


“Travel insurance can cover some or all of the out-of-pocket expenses that you could be faced with when you experience an unforeseen event, particularly if you become ill or injured while travelling overseas, or if you lose your belongings – given it wasn’t due to negligence,”  Jonathan Etkind said.


“Given that sickness is the leading fear for Aussies travelling, getting the right medical cover for overseas travel is crucial.”


When it comes to evaluating travel insurance, InsureandGo urges travellers to check if a pre-existing medical condition will be covered (if you have one), ensure they have the necessary documentation when making a claim, remember that they’ll only be covered if their treatment is immediately necessary, and consider pregnancy clauses.


What do you fear most when holidaying abroad?



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 22 January 2019

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