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What Gen Y, Gen Z travellers will splurge on

And what drives them to travel?

Most people wouldn’t associate young travellers with big budgets. But youth travellers, like any age group, are happy to splurge on some elements of travel – and by splurge we don’t mean on luxury.



Conducted by the World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, the study found that the thing Gen Y (Millennial) and Gen Z travellers will most fork out for are Food and Drink experiences.


Given food travel is burgeoning right now (check out our new Kitchen Corner) and it comes relatively cheap, it’s little wonder this tops the list.


Nearly four in ten (37%) of the 57,324 travellers polled in the survey admitted to splurging on wining and dining.


Next up on the splurge list were ‘Events and Festivals’, with one in four (27%) willing to splash out on these, followed by Fine or Performing Arts (18%), Extreme or Adrenaline Sports (16%) and Guided Tours (12%).


Accommodation Upgrades (10%), Extra Legroom on Planes (6%) and First or Business Class Airfares (4%) were the least prioritised elements of travel for young travellers.


The main motivations for travelling among young tourists were Increasing Knowledge (55% for Gen Z, 50% for Millennials), Learning more about myself (51% and 45%), and Relaxing and Avoiding Stress (40% and 47%).


Building Friendships (42% and 32%), Good Times with friends (30% and 34%), Meeting other travellers (29% and 23%) and Visiting family or friends (21% and 23%) were the next highest motivations for travel.


Here is an infographic of the countries young travellers love most:  


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 August 2018

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