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10 year old message in bottle found in Whitsundays

It was 5 August 2004. Joe and Susan, Wayne and Sandy, and Pete and Marion had chartered a motor catamaran dubbed 'Blueberry Hill' for a 'skipper yourself' holiday to celebrate Joe turning 50.


They had spent the day on the beautiful Whitehaven Beach and when the last of a bottle of Penfold’s St Henri had been shared around, they decided to write a note promising to return. They took photos, tied a small yellow rope to a tree as a marker and buried it deep in the sand dunes, making a pact to return one day and find it.


“5th August 04.  We, the good friends and crew of the ‘Blueberry Hill’ DO PLEDGE to return to this spot at a time in the future to retrieve this bottle and remember the good times we’ve had and the good friends we have. Signed by [signatures].”


Flash forward to 2014. Staff from Cruise Whitsundays complete their standard check for rubbish on Whitehaven Beach before departing with day cruise guests. They find the bottle.


With a little help from Google, the team were able to find the crew of 'Blueberry Hill' some of whom had returned in 2008 in search of the bottle, but failed.


“We are all still good friends and celebrate everybody's ‘milestones’ and when we are together always talk about the ‘Blueberry Hill’ and Whitsundays and rate it as one of the best holidays we have ever done and would recommend it to anyone, a must for the ‘bucket list’!” 


Cumberland Charter Yachts together with Cruise Whitsundays has offered for the group to return and have another Whitsundays sailing holiday in August 2014 to celebrate Joe’s 60th Birthday and to meet Cherie and Monique.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 10 March 2014

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