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What traveller type are you?

Destinations come in all shapes and sizes, as do holidays. So it’s no surprise that traveller types vary too.

A new study commissioned by insurance firm Allianz has revealed four main types of Australian travellers, with attitudes toward expenditure, type of activities, preparedness and spontaneity the main differentiators. 


The first common kind of Aussie traveller, according to the survey of 1,000 Australians, is the ‘Deep-Pocket Planner’, who is most likely to travel with a partner and are most detail-oriented. 



“This type of traveller doesn’t put a price on experience, but still makes sure they are meticulous in planning every detail,” the study found. 


This type of traveller is also the most likely to buy comprehensive travel insurance as they hit up highly reviewed restaurants, shop exclusive high streets and visit museums and galleries.


The second traveller type, ‘Thrifty but Nifty’, are most likely to travel solo, but also the most cautious in their approach to travel.  


Detail-oriented planners, travellers in this category look to conserve money wherever possible, “are open to a wide range of activities, and are happiest to travel solo, spending free time, visiting friends and family, and sightseeing”. 


The most adventurous travellers are the ‘Spontaneous Spenders’, who are opportunistic, impulsive, and more flexible with travel plans.


“Happy to spend a bit more in order to live life to the fullest while on holidays, you could find these travellers just about anywhere that suits their fancy at the time, soaking in the destination’s sights or wildlife, seeking an adrenaline rush, tasting local delights day or night, or even volunteering,” the report says, with a quarter spending upwards of $3,000 per holiday.


The last traveller type is the ‘Free and Frugal’, who are the most relaxed when it comes to travel and likely to spend less than $1,500.


“These travellers will seek out budget-friendly experiences and are very likely to book travel around a visit to a friend or family member,” the survey found. 


According to the study, travellers belonging to this category tend to plan more on the go than in the lead up to a vacation, which means if insurance is bought, it’s usually purchased at the last minute.


According to the study, only three in ten (28%) travellers know what they are covered for or what to do if something goes wrong, while the biggest barrier for making a travel insurance purchase is cost.


What type of traveller are you? Or are you something else entirely?



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 26 November 2019

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