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What you need to do before your vaccine passport is issued

While fully vaccinated by the beginning of June, my COVID-19 vaccination certification never appeared in my Medicare records. 


I checked my Immunisation History while waiting in line for my second jab, but my first jab hadn’t yet appeared. 


“Don’t worry,” the on-site Medicare staffer told me. ”The system is just a bit busy. Give it another week or so.”


Within a week, my second jab appeared in my Immunisation History, but my first one still failed to appear. This was before the current outbreak so while busy, I can’t imagine the folk inputting the data were anywhere near as busy as they are now. 


Because I had gotten vaccinated at a vaccination hub, there was no number I could call. I tried the Australian Immunisation Register. They told me to call Medicare. Medicare told me to call the Australian Immunisation Register. I was on hold with both for ages. I tried the Australian Immunisation Register again and a different person told me I could get my doctor to do it. But of course my doctor didn’t have the vaccine serial number and no real proof that I had it done. 


I tried NSW Health. 50 mins later I was chatting to a lovely person who asked for my details, saw the record for my vaccination and within days, my COVID-19 vaccination certification appeared. 


So when my hubby, who was vaccinated a month or so later never received his certificate I knew what to do. And an idea of how long I’d be on hold. 



Next month hopefully those of us who have been fully vaccinated will be allowed certain freedoms. To access those freedoms, we need to be able to prove that we’ve been vaccinated. Get this sorted now. 


Link your Medicare to your myGov Account. Download the Medicare Express App. Check your Immunisation History. 


With news that vaccination passports will be rolled out from October, you will want to make sure all your vaccine details are in order. So that if you are lucky enough to travel overseas or even just interstate sooner rather than later, you’re not left scrabbling with hold times. 


What do we know about the vaccination passport


While details are still being finalised, it looks like the passport will  be housed in a phone app and have the same personal information your normal passport has, plus a QR code that other countries' border officials can scan to check your vaccination status, ABC reports.


It will also likely include the type of vaccine you had as not all countries accept all vaccines as being equal. 


The International Air Transport Association said the passport will be a “key enabler to reopen borders and restart international travel to and from Australia”.


Here’s hoping. 

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Published: 8 September 2021

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