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Expert reveals his tips to 'celebrity' customer service

Sometimes the success or failure of a travel conference can hinge on the quality of the speakers.

When Geoff Ramm is in the house, satisfaction – be it customer or otherwise – is practically guaranteed.

Ramm is the person companies like McDonalds and Emirates call on when they want to improve their customer service. He’s so good that Forbes called him a “game-changer” and he’s so far inspired businesses and entrepreneurs across 47 countries.

Australia’s travel agents, suppliers and curious media got a taste of what Ramm likes to call ‘Celebrity Service’ at the Travellers Choice conference on the Gold Coast.

Flown in specially from the UK to appear, Ramm began his enthusiastic presentation by asking the audience to rate their current level of customer service from one to 10. Most of the hands in the air were around the seven mark.

“But what’s it going to take to go to another level, to get those seven scores to eight and those eights or nines to 10 and beyond?” he asked the more than 200 delegates in the room.

Ramm’s approach is to get his audience to imagine what they would do if the next customer they served was a Hollywood superstar.

“What would you say, what would you do, how would you react? What would be the difference in service levels you could give them that you are currently not giving every single customer?

“Because once you know what you would do for a celebrity, you replicate that for every single current and future customer.”

Using personal experiences, Ramm revealed his nine-stage program to achieving celebrity service. These include consistency, excitement, engagement, response and independence.

“There is a gap that you don’t realise exists within your team, within your brand. It’s a gap that you can fill and there’s not a competitor in the marketplace can touch you for the levels of service you could provide starting from this conference.

“I promise you; you will come up with ideas you’ve never had before.”

As well as addressing the conference, Ramm conducted a two-hour workshop exploring innovative customer service concepts.

Part stand-up comedian, part philosopher, part game show host, this Sunderland sparkplug grabs your attention and won’t let go until he’s got you thinking so far outside the box, you’ll actually find yourself outside the factory that makes the boxes!

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Written by: Jon Underwood
Published: 13 November 2023

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