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When a rose by any other name is worth taking on holidays

Will the real Joe McGrath please stand up?

Nathan was turning 30. To celebrate, his mates were planning a surprise group all-inclusive holiday for him to Mallorca. But after all the plans were made and the tickets booked, one of Nathan's mates had to pull out. Joe McGrath couldn't come and now the wannabe holiday goers were stuck with his ticket.


But rather than simply take the loss on the chin, the mates took to the internet to find someone to fill Joe McGath's place. The only catch? They needed to have the name Joe McGrath to match ticketing information.


They soon found 15 Joe McGraths on Facebook and sent all of them a message.


But only one Joe McGrath got back to them, the Manchester Evening News reported.


Manchester Joe McGrath initially dismissed the message, thinking it was some kind of scam until speaking with one of the holiday organisers.


"Something like this will never happen to me again and I would always regret it if I didn’t do it," the fill in Joe McGrath said.


So he was soon on his way to Bristol to stand in for the original Joe McGrath on a holiday to Spain.


"As I was driving down and it was getting dark there were a few moments when I thought, 'this is like something from a horror film'," he said.


The second McGrath reportedly told his mum he knew the folk from uni as otherwise, "she would have worried".


The holiday, it turned out was a big success, with the understudy Joe McGrath hoping to meet the original.


"They are such a great bunch of people,” he said. “I’m hopefully going back to Bristol again soon and there might be more holidays in future."


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 10 April 2017

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