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Where to find love in the middle of a pandemic

Being single in the middle of a pandemic can be hard. I met my partner at work. Others, I’ve met through friends, at uni, parties… but when we’re working and studying from home and having fewer and smaller parties, finding love can be difficult. 


That meet-cute in the cafe or supermarket has gotten harder when we’re all dashing in and out. But there are some places where we’re still spending a lot of time: vaccination clinics.



Jeon Byunghoon is a school teacher in Seoul. He’s single and recently met someone while lining up for his vaccination. 


"We were all standing quietly in line, and I thought I'd break the silence and talk to someone. She had long brown hair and pretty eyes. When we got to chatting, I realised we went to the same university and had mutual friends," Byunghoon told Insider.


The two went for coffee after they got their COVID shots and have since gone on two dates. 


Byunghoon is not alone in finding love in line for the jab. As vaccinations open up to younger people, vaccine centres are proving to be a hotbed of single young things smart enough to get vaccinated (surely number one on a list of priorities these days, no?).


Beijing-based bank executive Wu Fan told Insider that she was chatted up by a "decent-looking young man in a suit" while queuing to get vaccinated. 


"We added each other on WeChat and realized that beyond being vaccinated we had other things to talk about too, like our mutual love for house plants. It's a bit weird to snag a date while lining up for a medical procedure, but I'm much more comfortable meeting someone I know for sure is vaccinated," Wu said. 


But Singapore local Darren Yeoh warned that singletons should note one important thing about finding dates while waiting to get vaccinated. 


"I kind of regretted not wearing something nicer than a gym tank top with holes in it to the vaccine appointment. So, hot vaccine tip for everyone out there: Overdressing is underrated."


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Published: 30 June 2021

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