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Where tourists literally brawl over selfie spots

You have trained hard for this moment, spent ages perfecting the angle, experimented with different lighting until finally you have it: the perfect selfie. And then she comes along and tries to take a selfie in the same spot at the same time. Nuh-uh.



A 44 year old Italian-American woman and a 19 year old woman from the Netherlands both wanted to take selfies in front of Rome’s Trevi fountain late last week, La Repubblica reported.


They exchanged heated words before things started to get physical. Others joined the fray and soon, what started as an innocent quest for the perfect selfie, ended in an eight person brawl that drew the attention of local law enforcement.


It took four police officers to end the fight and the tourists were bruised and eventually charged over violence.


The fight occurred just a day after Roman city councillor Andrea Coia floated the idea of having visitors file past the fountain, one-way, as a solution to controlling overcrowding at the popular tourist site, The Telegraph reported. 


"The situation [at the fountain] has become unliveable," Coia said. 


Should her idea be adopted, on-site police officers would be tasked with enforcing the rule - if they’re not too busy breaking up selfie fights, that is. 


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 13 August 2018

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