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Where we really want to be at Christmas: poll

Plus, the economy seat that’ll get you into BA’s first class lounge

There may be a generous proportion of Australians who are dreaming of a white Christmas – or at least a cold one. But it seems Aussies still mostly prefer a hot Chrissie, and to spend it right here in Oz, according to a One Poll study commissioned by British Airways.


Polling 1,000 Australians, the survey found nearly half (44%) of us still prefer a warm Xmas over a cool one (35%), while Australia remains the ideal Christmas Day spot for the vast majority (4 in 5, or 82%) of Aussies.


Despite this penchant for staying close to home come Christmas, the BA study revealed that Australians still travel a whopping 6.3 billion kilometres to visit some 167 million friends and relatives over the festive period.



Of the places Aussies would like to spend Christmas outside of Australia, the USA (26%) and UK (25%) are the most popular choices, with one in ten Australians having already spent at least one Christmas Day in Britain.


Conversely, a One Poll survey in the UK found one in five Brits would love to celebrate Christmas down under, reflecting the oft overlooked appeal of a warm Chrissie.


The survey also showed on average Australians will travel 213 kilometres to deliver presents, and 2.9 billion kilometres to courier Christmas cards.


The average Aussie will spend $187 on socializing during December. But this pales in comparison to the average Xmas shopping bill, which comes in at AU$515 per person for women and AU$441 for men.


With the average Australian buying 13 different gifts for eight people, the poll revealed that Australia is a nation of givers.


According to the study, the number of people who consider giving to be the best part of Christmas (41%) is more than double the number of people who prefer to receive gifts (19%). That said, check out our wonderful gift guide for any last minute shopping. Or, if you prefer the intangible, as is increasingly becoming the case among Australians, why not give the gift of travel?


“Our customers are so excited to be reunited with their loved ones and we love being involved with their journeys,” BA South West Pacific regional General manager Nicole Backo said.


“To make it special we try to inject the whole experience with some festive spirit.


“This year, we’ll be giving away flights and holidays as well as surprising some of our customers who are seated in 25D(ecember) on flights out of Heathrow, with lounge access and champagne.”


That’s right, until Christmas Day, customers travelling out of Heathrow in seat 25D, will be invited to use the First Lounge in Terminal 3 and First Wing in Terminal 5 for their entire travel party.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 21 December 2017

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