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Which countries have the best healthcare?

Know before you go on your next big trip

Are you a daring traveller, one that craves a thrill, but stills need the safety net of a solid healthcare system in the country of your next adventure? 



Medical recruitment company ID Medical Group, has ranked the healthcare systems of the majority of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) nations based on a range of metrics including healthcare spend (as a percentage of GDP), number of hospital beds, doctors and nurses per capita, and average life expectancy. 


And it found that the best place you could have a misadventure, or at least something that required medical assistance - assuming language isn’t a barrier of course - is Japan. 


With a score of 72/100, the Asian nation beat a trio of Germanic countries to the honour, with Germany, Switzerland and Austria scoring 71, 71 and 70 respectively. 


Australia’s healthcare system ranked 13th out of the 24 nations studied, just behind Italy (63) and equal with Canada (62). 


Israel (57) and a quartet of Eastern European countries (Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic) finished at the bottom of the scale, just below the UK and New Zealand (who each scored 60). 


To help holidaymakers make their next vacation safer, ID Medical recommends travellers:

  • Find out the emergency numbers of the destinations they’re travelling to prior to departure
  • Take out appropriate health insurance before travelling  
  • Declare any pre-existing medical conditions to their insurer
  • Take enough medicine to last a little longer than the planned duration of your trip, in case you’re delayed in your destination or you lose  a dose or two of medication.



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 24 July 2019

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