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Which European cities have the most attractions?

Beyond the top two cities, the findings may surprise you...

When it comes to tourist attractions, few, if any regions in the world match Europe in terms of sheer numbers. 


But which cities on the continent offer the most attractions overall, as well as the most across 20 attraction categories? 


Venice, Italy


According to Alpha Travel Insurance, who looked at 25 major metropolises in Europe, Paris rules the roost with 5,800 tourist attractions. 


Looking at individual categories, the most common experiences on offer in Paris are tours (979), spas and wellness activities (932), and shopping (892). Finishing second behind the French capital, unsurprisingly, is London, which boasts 5,195 attractions altogether. 


The UK capital takes the top spot for shopping, thanks to places like Oxford and Carnaby Streets, as well as concerts and shows, which are centred around the city’s famed West End. 


Coming in next on the list are Barcelona, Moscow and Prague, with Istanbul, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam and Berlin rounding out the top ten cities. 


When it comes to wining and dining, Rome boasts the most food and drink tours (368), while Prague offers 758 evening attractions, led by a thriving bar and club scene.


The top destination for sights and landmarks (with 702), surprisingly, is Milan, which is also home to a high number (191) of museums.


“If you’re taking a trip with friends or family, each individual will be looking for something different,” said Rachel Conaghan, travel expert at UK-based Alpha Travel Insurance.


“It’s reassuring to know that within Europe, we have a huge number of wonderful cities that have so many different activities on offer, meaning that everyone will find something they enjoy no matter which location they choose.”  


View the full infographic here.


The top ten cities with the most attractions in Europe:





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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 18 December 2019

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