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Why Aussies don’t need to fear a “flood” of incoming tourists

My daughter used to love the doorbell. It meant visitors or packages or food deliveries. Now, it’s a threat.


For so long, our closed international border has been hailed for keeping us safe. But yesterday Scott Morrison again hinted that it’s reopening “isn’t far away”, with the issue to be discussed today by the National Security Commission. 


But when you’ve chased the COVID zero, when you’ve justified closed borders for so long, will Aussies welcome tourists?



Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism & Transport Forum Margy Osmond says there’s no need to fear a “flood” of tourists when the international borders reopen. It’ll be more of a trickle, she said. 


“Our biggest audience was China, they’re not allowed to travel at the moment,” Osmond told 3AW this morning.


“New Zealand — we’re unlikely to see travellers from there until the middle of the year, and they’re our number two market.


“To be honest, our aviation capacity has been so badly knocked about … we’ve got some work to do before there’s a lot of tourists coming.”


Osmond has warned that if the borders don’t open soon more businesses will fold and even more jobs will be lost.


“If you want a tourism industry we do need to look at opening those borders.”

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Published: 6 February 2022

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