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Why millions of Aussies are missing out on holidays

What do you do, or avoid doing, for your pet?

Welcoming a pet into the family is one of life’s great joys (picking up poop aside). Not only are our furry friends cute, but they offer unwavering loyalty, companionship, and even entertainment. 


But anyone’s who’s owned a pet - and loved to travel - knows the dilemma of taking a holiday whilst having their pet’s best interest at heart. And new research underlines the quandary. 



Conducted by home and pet sitting service, TrustedHousesitters, the research reveals that one in three (30%) Aussie pet owners won’t go on a holiday because of the toll it takes on their animals.


With 5.7 million Australian households (over 13 million people) counting pets among their family members, that’s the equivalent of around 4 million people forgoing vacations. 


A testament to how much Australians love their pets, seven in ten (69%) of those who do go on holiday admitted to feelings of guilt when they leave, while nearly four in ten (36%) have turned down a weekend away due to the difficulty of arranging appropriate pet care. 


“It’s a sad fact for pet owners that holidays can be such a hassle. One in 10 owners have even gone as far as to cancel a holiday,” TrustedHousesitters CEO Tim Lyons said.


“Pet sitting does rely on finding a sitter that you can trust, but there is no need to miss out on cultural and travel experiences just because you are a pet owner. 


“On average, our members travel up to three times a year, which is more than most Australian pet owners as a result of having the peace of mind that comes with finding a sitter.”


Among those who do travel, three in ten (29%) opt for a trusted pet sitter over a boarding house (21%), while more than one in three (35%) pass their pets onto friends or family.   


When it comes to local events, one in five (18%) respondents said they regularly missed attending social engagements on account of their pets, while 6% even avoid going on dates because of their furry friends. 


The poll took into account the opinions of 1,000 pet owners.


What do you do with your pets when you travel?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 21 November 2018

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