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Why we still want to holiday with mum and dad

Multi-generational vacations making a comeback

As a child, the family holiday was always something to look forward to. Bags got packed, almost mysteriously (by someone else), and arrangements were made seemingly without the lift of a finger. All the kids had to do was sit their bums down on a car or plane seat. And whether you were going to the US or Ulladulla, they seemed magical. 


Well now, a lot ‘kids’ are looking to extend those holidays with their parents well into their adulthood, if a new study is anything to go by. 



Commissioned by P&O Cruises, the Australia-wide survey of more than 1000 young adults (aged 18 to 29) found that more than half (51%) of those polled had gone on an all-expenses paid vacation with their parents since turning 18, while the vast majority (82%) said they would consider holidaying with mum and dad. 


Whilst few might have predicted those outcomes, the reasons for wanting to holiday with their parents is even more surprising. 


According to the study, only one in five (21%) of those polled said their main motivation for multi-generational vacations was to save money. 


By contrast, half (50%) said their main reason was to spend more time with their family. 


On top of this, four in five (81%) of those who had already holidayed with their parents admitted to having more fun than they had expected, while almost all (91%) said they’d travel with mum and dad again if possible. 


When it came to the main reasons they had enjoyed travelling with their parents again, respondents flagged quality time with mum and dad (61%) as the primary factor, followed by nostalgia (40%), fun (37%) and being able to travel without spending their own money (33%). 


The survey also found that the majority (71%) of young Aussies (affectionally labelled ‘TRIPPERS’ - Travelling In Parents’ Pockets and Eroding Retirement Savings - by P&O) regarded travel as a key priority in their life, but saving for them was the second biggest cause of stress (31%) only behind housing affordability. 


“Cruising is an incredibly affordable way for an extended family to travel, offering an overseas experience for all without the expense of international airfares,” said Sture Myrmell, president of P&O Cruises, which reported an 18% rise in the number of 18–29-year-old guests travelling with their parents on a cruise holiday last summer.” 


“We’re seeing more and more parents travel with their adult children on our ships – it’s a wonderful act of generosity by parents which means the whole family can continue to explore new horizons together and really carry the bonds of childhood into adulthood.”


When was the last time you holidayed with your parents?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 April 2019

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