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Win a place on a Papua New Guinea famil!

The inside scoop on how you can win a place on a famil to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is quickly becoming the “must visit” destination for all true travellers. Australia’s closest neighbour is opening its arms to tourists from across the world who crave authentic travelling experiences


An independent nation of over 8 million people, Papua New Guinea is located just 150km to the north of Cape York and shares a border with Indonesia. 



One of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, Papua New Guinea is home to more than 800 different languages and a myriad of colourful tribal and national festivals that span the country’s annual events calendar.


From trekking the highest mountain in Oceania (Mount Wilhelm, 4,509m), to diving some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs, island-hopping across 600+ mostly desertedislands and discovering fiery active volcanoes, Papua New Guinea is an adventure traveller’s paradise.


The country is also popular with war history buffs due to the prominent role it played in WWII, with the world-renowned Kokoda Track trekked by over 4,000 Aussies and Kiwis each year.


With regular direct flights from Sydney (4 hours), Brisbane (3 hours) and Cairns (1.5 hours), as well as being a popular cruising destination, Papua New Guinea is the close-to-home, off-the-beaten-track, must-visit destination. 


It is the kind of place you will want to experience first-hand. Once there, you will immediately fall in love with the incredible natural landscapes and adventure travel experiences available, as well as the wonderful local people and tribes as you experience Papua New Guinea’s culture and unique way of life. 


In Papua New Guinea you can sample local cuisines, mingle with local villagers and experience village and tribal life, partake in age-old customs and festivals, cast your eyes on some of the world’s last remaining pristine landscapes, come face-to-face with unique flora and fauna, learn about the role played by Papua New Guinea in defending Australia during WWII, and go on an adventure like nowhere else on earth. You will walk away wanting to share your experience with anyone and everyone who will listen.


Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) is giving you the opportunity to win a place on a famil to experience the highlands of this incredible destination.


Simply register for their destination training “Wantok Specialists” and complete the quiz. You will automatically go in the draw to win a place on the famil by completing the training. Will you be one of the lucky people who get to experience one of the Earths final frontiers?  


Visit; now.


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Published: 5 November 2019

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