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Would you get a tattoo for a round-the-world ticket?

A contest that may leave many declaring ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’

What would you do for a free trip around the world? If you’d go so far as to get a tattoo with the words “not established since 1978” above an airberlin logo, you could win yourself a oneworld explorer ticket. Seriously.



The competition, part of a marketing campaign by the German carrier, involves contestants agreeing to get the tattoo, which would measure at least 8cms x 3cms , in an unconcealed area of the body such as the back, leg or arm, and keep the design for at least 12 months.


According to USA Today, the contest is only being advertised in Berlin, but an airberlin spokesman said that anybody could participate, provided they get themselves to the city to be inked within four weeks of winning.


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Those interested can apply by following airberlin on Instagram and Facebook, and sending an email to with the subject “one world Round-the-World Ticket Gewinn airberlin not established” and their desired dates and destinations (according to oneworld‘s rules), full passport details, address and mobile number.



Participants would also need to sign a release form, available only in German, detailing the T&Cs and… giving permission for the tattooing to be filmed, USA Today reported.


Germany’s second largest airline also recently launched the world’s first hitchhiker flight, a campaign in which 50 adventurous Berliners were able to win flights simply by holding up a piece of cardboard with a destination written down, and then being picked up at special ‘airtramp’ bus stops located throughout the city.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 1 September 2015

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