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Name this famous sculpture by Antony Gormley located in England.
Which famous harbour is on the cover of the October issue of Traveltalk?
Actor Brad Pitt was born in which U.S. state?
United Airlines just added another 110 new Boeing and Airbus aircraft to an already large aircraft order. How many new aircraft is United expected to take delivery of by 2033?
Boca Juniors is a famous football team based in which South American country?
In which country is the Vredefort crater, the largest verified impact crater on Earth?
United Airlines has announced the largest South Pacific expansion in aviation history. Over the Australian peak summer period, how many flights a week will the airline operate from Australia to the U.S.?
What three colours make up the Armenian flag?
With a total area of eight hectares, the largest swimming pool in the world is located where?
Barcelona, Girona Lleida, and Tarragona are provinces in which Spanish region?

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