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Around the world in 10 questions!

Can you crack the puzzles in this week's Traveltease?

Australia, Canada. Europe and South America. They all feature in this week's Traveltease quiz, so just how good is your general travel knowledge?

This week's questions are particularly challenging so make sure you've got your thinking caps on. Good luck!

In which state was former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke born?
In which European city would you find the Little Mermaid statue?
How many countries start with the letter O?
The Biamanga National Park is in which Australia state?
If you were in Bratislava, which country would you be in?
Fredericton is the capital of which Canadian province?
Ian Thorpe won six gold medals at the 2001 World Championships. Where were they held?
Gallo Pinto is the national dish of which country?
The Forint is the national currency of which country?
On the Road is a novel by Jack Kerouac about his travels across which country?

How did you do?

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