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Around the world in just 10 questions.

Learn more about our planet in our fun Traveltease quiz.

Film stars, ancient cultures and record breaking travel trips. There's only one place you get such an eclectic mix...and that's our ever-popular weekly Traveltease quiz. Use your own knowledge, phone a friend or just have a guess. Good luck!

Which of these locations is furthest east on the Australian coast?
With which country would you associate the native Nahuatl language?
Which country has a national flag featuring three red stars on a white ball?
In which American state did gangsters Bonnie and Clyde die?
The oldest person to circumnavigate the world by scheduled public transport was 106 years old.
At a depth of 2,212 metres, the Veryovkina Cave is the deepest on earth. Where is it?
Where was Harry Potter star Emma Watson born?
The phin pia is a stringed instrument associated with which Asian country?
The town of Kalannie is in which Australian state?
The Amratian culture comes from which country?

How did you do?

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