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By royal command! The Queen of all quizzes is here.

This week's Traveltease is in tribute to the new royal baby.

Now the whole world knows tha name Archie, we thought it was only fitting to dedicate this week's Traveltease to the royal family. See how much you know about the Queen and her offspring. Good luck!

How many grandchildren does the Queen have?
Which of these films did Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, NOT appear in?
Prince Harry is associated with the Invictus Games. Where will the 2020 Games be staged?
Name the palace where Prince Charles and Lady Diana lived.
Where was Prince Phillip born?
Which royal is married to an ex-England rugby player?
Who is fifth in line to the throne?
Which of these is NOT a royal residence?
How many countries are members of the Commonwealth?
In what year did the Queen get married?

How did you do?

You got !

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