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Can you handle our record-breaking quiz?

Test your knowledge in our weekly Traveltease puzzle.

This week's Traveltease quiz is all about record-breakers, as listed in Guinness World Records. See how many you can name. Good luck!

Which country has the most official languages with 16?
Jamie Stevenson set a world record in 2014 for the most countries skied in within a single month. How many did he manage?
Which country set the world record in 2012 for spending on tourism?
What is the flattest country in the world?
In 2010, which country held the record for most pet owners per household?
Which country was the first in the world to allow women the right to vote?
What is the most densely populated country in the world?
Which country is home to the most millionaires?
Which country holds the record for the world’s fastest internet connection?
What is the largest landlocked country in the world?

How did you do?

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