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Can you hit the right note in this week's Traveltease quiz?

Test your music knowledge in our fun and fast challenge!

This week’s Traveltease quiz is for all those with a song in their heart and a destination in their head. All the questions or answers are about songs with place names in the title or relate to the artist.

Good luck!

Which band had a hit with Take My Breath Away from the movie Top Gun?
Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe sung about which Spanish city?
Ultravox had a hit single with a song about which European city?
The Beatles are associated with which English city?
Say Goodbye to Hollywood was a song by which American artist?
Which of these artists DIDN’T record a version of the song Amsterdam?
Angel of Harlem by U2 was released in which year?
Jon Bon Jovi co-wrote Midnight in Chelsea with which singer/songwriter?
Galway Girl is a hit song by which artist?
Tony Bennett is famous for a song about which American city?

How did you do?

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