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Can you master our weekly Traveltease quiz?

Give your brain cells a workout in our fun challenge

Our ever-popular Traveltease quiz is back! This week, we’ve based all the questions on the March issue of Traveltalk magazine. So grab your copy or check out the online version right here. Good luck!

Which airline will run daily flights between Melbourne and Bali from June?
In which Bangkok hotel did Jon Underwood take a cooking class?
Where in Ireland would you find the Crown Bar, which is owned by the National Trust?
Which Toy Story star is on the cover of the March issue?
Which cruise company celebrated the first same-sex marriage at sea?
Which of these is NOT included in the top 10 romantic getaways in Australia as chosen by View Retreats?
Which company is currently offering tours to Chernobyl?
Keith Sproule runs the philanthropic arm of which company?
The first in a new chain of health and wellness resorts has just opened in which country?
Which Asian destination has an arrivals target of 14 million international visitors this year?

How did you do?

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