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Can your brain take the strain again?

Our Traveltease quiz will keep you guessing.

What do Madonna, Sherlock Holmes and Vasco da Gama have in common? They are all part of our ever-popular Traveltease quiz this week.


Test your travel and general knowledge and see if you can get all 10 right. Good luck!

In which city was pop star Madonna born?
What river flows through Rockhampton in Queensland?
Which is the only nation to use six colours in their national flag?
Where in the Pacific would you find Campbell Island?
Where are the Reichenbach Falls, made famous in the Sherlock Holmes books?
Where was the 2015 Rugby World Cup held?
The city of Yakutsk in Russia holds which record?
Legendary explorer Vasco da Gama is buried in which European city?
Golfer Vijay Singh was born in which Pacific Islands nation?
Which of these Scottish cities is furthest north?

How did you do?

You got !

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