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Can you get all 10 questions right?

This week's smorgasbord of travel-related questions will take you around the world and back. From Australiana to famous buildings, animals to very scary movies...there's something for everyone this week. Good luck!

What is the top experience in Australia according to a new travel list from Lonely Planet?
Where will you find this famous building?
Dar es Salaam is the former capital of which African country?
Round four of the Formula One season will take place in which country?
The ninth highest mountain on earth, Nanga Parbat is located where?
What animal is on the Canadian five-cent coin?
Famous for its collection of ancient sculptures and paintings, the Uffizi Gallery is located where?
Which city was the capital of the Ottoman empire?
The inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining, The Stanley Hotel is in which U.S. state?
Australia just welcomed its first cruise ship in more than two years. What was her name?

How did you do?

You got !

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