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Discover the magic and mystery of Hong Kong!

Our weekly quiz covers this fascinating destination and the world beyond

It's one of the world's most exciting and vibrant locations and now Hong Kong is also part of this week's Traveltease challenge. See how much you know about this ever-popular destination and also test your general travel knowledge. Good luck!

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is 15 days of celebrations. What zodiac animal is 2022?
Where was Olivia Newton-John born?
Dim Sum is an essential part of Hong Kong cuisine. What is served first at a Yum Cha restaurant in Hong Kong?
Which of these is the state capital of Florida?
One of the best views of Hong Kong can be found on Victoria Peak. What is the name of one of the world’s oldest funicular railways that takes you to the Peak?
In which African country will you find the Mau Forest?
Hong Kong’s a ‘Symphony of Lights’ is a dazzling light and sound show running every night beautifully synchronised to music. Where can you watch the show?
Václav Havel Airport is in which European city?
In racing season, when do the races take place at Happy Valley?
The Rings of Saturn is a travel book penned by which author?

How did you do?

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