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Do you have the smarts of three wise monkeys?

Test your travel knowledge in our fun weekly quiz

Vampires, leopards and one of the world's greatest music venues. There's only one place you'll find all three together and that's right here in our ever-popular weekly quiz Traveltease. How many of the 10 questions can you get right? Good luck!

What was the name of the town in the Twilight series?
Where in Australia is the town of Kununurra?
Dodge is a car brand associated with which country?
Newell’s Old Boys is a famous sports club based in which country?
In which Italian city is the La Scala Opera House?
The Crater Lake National Park is located in which American state?
The lilangeni is the official currency of which country?
The snow leopard is native to the mountain ranges of which continent?
The Peloponnese is a region of which country?
One of our Traveltalk team is currently on a Tour de Vines cycle tour in Australia. Where is she?

How did you do?

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