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Do you know your soaps and your classic movies?

This week's Traveltease quiz is all about TV and films.

If you're a regular at the local cinema or find it hard to tear yourself away from the gogglebox, you should have no trouble with this week's Traveltease quiz. Good luck!

Summer Bay is a fictional coastal town in which Aussie soap?
Which of these castles features in the hit TV series Downton Abbey?
Laurence of Arabia star Omar Sharif was born in which country?
Featured in the movie Titanic, the Harland and Wolff shipyard is found where?.
How many Presidents does Forrest Gump meet in the Oscar-winning 1994 movie?
Which European city was depicted as 'King’s Landing' in Game of Thrones?
In which American city is the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers mainly set?
What foreign language did Colin Firth’s character learn in Love Actually?
In Good Morning Vietnam, where was DJ Adrian Cronauer posted before Vietnam?
In which US State is Gone with the Wind mainly set?

How did you do?

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